Standard Installation

Every charge point includes a “Standard Installation”, but charger type, location and cable length are just some of the factors that could affect your final quote. This guide explains what the Standard Installation includes, as well as things that are an additional cost.

Each property and customer is different when it comes to electric car chargers for the home. Although every job includes our Basic Installation charge, your preferences, property and installation requirements are unique, so we think your quote should also be unique and bespoke to you.

We’re honest and upfront about the costs of an installation. This is why we ask you for key information prior to purchase so our engineers can assess the work required and give you an accurate quote before you make a decision or pay for the charger.

electric charging unit for businesses
onsite survey

Why do we do the survey first?

We do the installation survey first so we can:

  • Be honest and upfront about the cost of your installation and the work involved
  • Avoid any surprises for you on the day and prevent unnecessary delays
  • Understand where you’d like the charger located so our engineers know what is required when they arrive
  • Start to check if you are likely to be eligible for the Government OZEV Grant (Although we only apply for it on your behalf. We do not approve or reject applications)

Survey or Installation?

If you have not completed one yet you will need to complete our online site survey.  Completing a online site survey with us could not be easier. Simply complete our online site survey using your phone or computer, all from the comfort of your own home and without the need for an engineer to visit.

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