Where To Install Solar Panels?

commercial solar panel installation
commercial solar panel installation

Where to install solar panels:

If you’re considering solar panel installation for a business then making them cost-effective is crucial. As such, knowing where to install solar panels so that they receive the most sunlight should be your main concern.

Here are the main points to consider for where to  install solar panels:

  • Have the panels facing South, west, or east facing.
  • Avoid north facing panels in the UK.
  • Areas free from excess shade. keep clear of trees and other buildings if you can.
  • Areas at a higher altitude.
  • Areas allowing a 10° – 60° angle.

Rooftop Commercial Panel Installation:


  • Makes use of an aerial space that might be otherwise overlooked.
  • Aerial location means panels are less likely to be damaged by people and animals.
  • They’re less likely to be shaded by smaller trees and buildings.
  • Rooftop solar panels are less likely to be damaged by heavy winds.
  • The large, rectangular roofs of many commercial buildings are ideal for solar panels.


  • Solar panels may be damaged or dirtied by nesting birds on your building.
  • Inaccessible, pitched roofs make it hard to reach and clean your solar panels.
  • This also means solar panels are in a fixed position; I.E: cannot be manipulated to follow the movement of the sun.
  • Less effective if large trees or buildings cast shade on your roof.
  • If your business operates from a listed building you’ll need to get planning permission.
commercial solar panel installation
commercial battery installation

Ground Commercial Panel Installation:


  • Provides an alternative for businesses with a north-facing roof.
  • Avoids potential obstructions like chimneys, fire escapes, and skylights/ glass.
  • May cover a wider surface area if you have the land available.
  • Frees up roof space for water collection, roof garden, etc.
  • Easier access for cleaning/ manipulating your panels after installation.


  • More likely to be shaded by smaller buildings, trees or other obstructions.
  • Higher chance of non-aerial animals/ people damaging your solar panels.
  • Requires land that may be necessary for other functions, such as parking.
  • The flat, vertically-angled surface is more susceptible to wind.
  • Planning permission is still required if you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Making The Most Of The Sun

It’s no secret that the UK isn’t as hot as some countries. However, our climate isn’t a deal-breaker for commercial panel installation. On cooler days the sun’s rays still reach earth and solar panels can actually make use of a small amount of moonlight. In fact, snow and ice can even cause these rays to bounce off the ground they’d usually be absorbed by.

Since the UK is in the Northern Hemisphere south-facing solar panel installation is best. This is because panels that face south are likely to receive the most amount of light across the span of a day. After south-facing west is the most effective, then east.

commercial solar panel installation
commercial solar panel installation

Commercial Panel Installation Location

Solar panel installation usually occurs on rooftops. However, when considering commercial panel installation there’s also the opportunity for land use. For companies with larger grounds, you may find it beneficial to dedicate more room to solar panel installation.

Where to install solar panels very much depends on the layout of your property and buildings. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach and what suits another business might not benefit yours.

With energy costs on the rise, so is solar panel installation. For businesses looking to reduce their electricity bills knowing how to get the most from commercial panel installation is essential. Solar power is dependent on the sun, meaning the most important aspect of solar panel installation is knowing where to install solar panels.

commercial solar panel installation
commercial solar panel installation

Why System EV?

System EV are well-versed in commercial panel installation and will know where to install solar panels to best benefit your business. In the meantime, considering the pros and cons of both rooftop and ground-based solar panel installation may give you some ideas. From there you can consider where to install solar panels on your property.