Grid Tied Solar System Pro & Cons

Utility connection VS Off-Grid

Whether or not you chose to be connected to the main power grid will depend on your location and budget.

Off-grid connections are generally reserved for commercial solar panel installation in remote/ rural areas. Otherwise, having a connection to the utility mains is far cheaper. It also means if you end up using more power than you generate surplus is taken from the grid.

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Off-grid Pros and Cons

Off-grid pros:

  • Removes reliance on monopolising energy companies and energy price hikes.
  • Alternative power source for remote/ rural areas without a pre-established utility mains connection.
  • Battery connection allows you to store excess power for use at a later date.

Off-grid cons:

  • You need a decent estimate of how much electricity you use; and have the land/ roof space available to compensate for this.
  • The more expensive option as battery storage is essential.
  • Unable to sell excess power back to the grid.


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Utility Grid Connected Pros & Cons

Utility grid connection pros:

  • Cheaper than an off-grid commercial solar panel installation as the battery isn’t required.
  • You can sell excess energy back to the grid if generating more power than needed.
  • If your panels aren’t generating enough energy electricity will be taken from the grid instead.

Utility grid connection cons:

  • If you lose connection to the power grid, or the grid goes out, so does your electricity.
  • Still reliant on large energy companies.

There is also the option of a commercial panel installation that’s connected to the utility grid, but with battery storage. This is more expensive than just a basic grid connection, however, it means that your power won’t go out if the grid does.

This connection is usually requested by businesses and other locations that require power constantly. Hospitals and care homes are a good example of this.

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