System Electrical Group has over twenty years of experience in installing electrical products for the home and commercial sectors. Whether it’s charging ports for electric vehicles, solar panels on the roof of your home, or battery storage for renewable energy; we have your installation covered.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Climate change, rising fuel costs, low and no emissions zones; the reasons to switch to electric are piling up. But the transition from petrol or diesel-based vehicles can be daunting. Nobody wants to be caught far from home with their car running on fumes.

In recent years the installation of electric vehicle chargers has risen; in part due to grants offered by the government. This means that EV chargers are becoming more commonplace for public use. In particular, UK businesses with vast car parks – such as large chain supermarkets – are offering electric vehicle charging options for both customers and staff alike.

But what about charging at home? Or having EV chargers installed at your place of work? System offers the installation of many EV charger types; including wall chargers, pedestal chargers, and even street chargers. We also offer a portable charger for double the contingency!

Auto charge pedestal for businesses
commercial solar panel installation

Solar panel installation

Combating climate change doesn’t begin and end with driving. But for EV drivers, isn’t it comforting to know that your vehicle’s charge is coming from a renewable energy source? Even if you don’t drive, solar panels are a low-effort way to not only reduce your carbon footprint but remove reliance on the national grid as well.

Depending on the number of panels installed, it’s even possible to earn money back with enough time!

System renewables have held contracts with clients such as Flintshire and Wrexham borough councils, Mold Community Hospital, charities like The Cats Protection, Network Rail, and even Chester Zoo! This means we’re used to working in ‘live’ environments without disrupting the general running of your business or organization. All of our electricians are professional, friendly, and fully-trained in the appropriate safety measures. This means you can rest assured that we’ll do our jobs with minimal disruption to your job or lifestyle.

Battery storage installation

So, your PV Solar Panels are installed but do you have a way to store that excess energy for when it’s needed? This is where battery storage installation comes in, by storing excess converted energy in on-site batteries it can be saved until it’s required. This means that you’re still covered on days with low UV rays or when energy tariffs are especially high. Most battery storage models also have the added benefit of being emissions-free even whilst operational!


home battery storage