Portable EV Chargers

Do you Iive somewhere without access to electric vehicle charging ports? Work long hours in a rural environment? How about wanting to drive your EV to remote areas on holiday, or festival events? If any of these scenarios sound familiar then a portable EV charger might be the solution you’re looking for.

What Is A Portable EV Charger?

In an idealised electric vehicle-based world, access to charging points wouldn’t be an issue. But with a large portion of potential EV drivers put off due to charging concerns, we’re aware this isn’t yet feasible.

A portable EV charger basically acts as a powerbank for your car: a compact, movable battery. Portable EV chargers are designed to be lightweight and should be able to fit easily in the boot of any electric vehicle. Take the CUBICHARGE:EV  that we offer, for example; at 400mm x 487.5mm x 455mm it’s condensed – yet powerful, with three 7.2kW charging ports.

This provides you with extra security whilst driving, as a portable EV charger can be a safety net if you’re caught without charge on the road. Now it’s possible to take those mountain drives without fear of becoming stranded, or opening debates about installing EV chargers in areas of natural beauty.


Portable Electric Car Charger

Where Can Portable EV Chargers Be Used?

At home

For those without off-street parking, having an EV charging port installed can be difficult. This goes double if you live in a rented property, or somewhere like an apartment or flat. With the correct input, it’s possible to charge your portable EV charger at home and then carry it wherever your EV is parked.

At work

Not every business is willing to spend the money to ensure their staff have access to EV charging. For some businesses, it’s impossible to provide this option altogether! Be this due to;

  • a lack of funds,
  • no parking opportunities,
  • the business revolving around transport,
  • or simply existing in a rural/ secluded environment.

Having a portable EV charger can make charging your electric vehicle whilst working more accessible than ever before!

Scenario one:

you own a taxi company in a busy city and invested in a fleet of commercial EVs. Parking in the city can be difficult, making it troublesome for your drivers to charge their vehicles for a few minutes between jobs. Since your commercial fleet is paying for itself through avoiding low emission zone (LEZ) charges you decide to invest in portable EV chargers. Your drivers are now able to charge their vehicles anywhere they park up whilst waiting for their next job.

Scenario two:

you are a  tree surgeon. Your job often requires you to drive out into wilder areas without access to an EV charger. You decide to buy a portable EV charger so that you can charge your vehicle whilst working. It is now possible to take jobs further afield without first checking Zap-Map, giving you the confidence to do your job without the fear of being stranded.

Anywhere you like!

Shopping, medical appointments, visiting friends or family, and anywhere else without access to an EV charger. As long as you charge your portable EV charger in advance, it fits simply in the boot of your car until it is needed. Think camping’s only for owners of large fuel guzzling cars? Think again! If you go to a caravan site or festival with a generator, you may even be able to recharge your portable charger for the journey home!

For those that live, work, and enjoy their time in EV charging barren zones – the portable EV charger is a lifeline.