EV Pedestal Chargers

Want to install without a wall? There’s sure to be a product within our range of pedestal EV chargers that suits your needs!

Why Choose A Pedestal EV Charger?

With the UK government and wider world pushing us towards a low emissions planet it’s time to tackle the big polluters. Beyond large companies and the agriculture industry this means dealing with transport. It’s easy enough to demand a switch to electric vehicles; but with the means to charge them – not yet – as widespread as petrol stations this can be a lot to ask.

This is where EV pedestal chargers may pave the way. System EV are aware that not everyone has off-street parking, or even owns their own home. As such, making sure the switch to electric vehicles is attainable rests first and foremost with the government and local authorities.

EVlink car charger

For example; those who live in flats may actually have the funds and desire to buy an electric vehicle, but not the ability to charge it. In this situation, it should fall on the local authority to provide ample charging points for the community. Especially in large cities where high rise living is more common and zero or low emissions zones have been implemented.

After all; as we transition to a more eco-friendly society, the brunt of the bill shouldn’t be dumped on average people who may already be struggling with the rising cost of living.

The Benefits Of EV Pedestal Chargers

Unlike wall chargers, an EV pedestal charger can be installed almost anywhere. We offer a few types of pedestal EV chargers with different features, and their narrow designs means that they save on space.

  • EV pedestal chargers are built to be robust. One concern for local authorities planning to build EV chargers for the public is the upfront cost VS the potential lifespan. For those worried about vandalism or accidental damage, it may seem like a wasted investment.
    However, most pedestal EV chargers – like the StreetServ:EV, for example – are designed to be vandal-resistant, and resilient to general wear and tear. This means they can be installed in both high and low traffic areas (I.E; marketplaces, town centres, quaysides, beach fronts, and other prominades) with little cause to worry.
  • EV pedestal chargers have a sleek, more familiar design. If you or your workforce have been driving petrol/ diesel for a long time then the switch to electric may feel alien. Take long-haul delivery drivers for example; it’s easy enough to learn where your hub’s EV wall charger is. However; on stopovers, or even upon reaching your destination, it’s possible to miss potential charging outlets. Pedestal EV chargers are, well, on a pedestal. This makes them easier to spot at night time, in new places, or in very large car parks. Some pedestal EV chargers even resemble a classic petrol pump!
  • EV pedestal chargers can be installed almost anywhere. It seems counterproductive to demand more parking in an effort to curb driving-based emissions. As such the EV pedestal charger is ideal: able to be installed along; pavements, leisure venues, businesses, workplaces, and any other existing parking spot. There’s even the potential to convert a whole floor – or floors – of a multi-story carpark!