EV Wall Chargers

Looking for electric car wall chargers? Then look no further! System EV has you covered with our range of EV wall chargers and installation options, for both business and the home. 

Why Choose An Electric Car Wall Charger?

Choosing the right charging socket can be overwhelming sometimes. Whether you’re new to the world of electric vehicles or a long time EV driver, with so many options on the market it may be difficult to understand which features are truly essential.

EV Wall chargers are a great catch all when it comes to electric vehicle charging. After all, we can’t all be lucky enough to own the land or infrastructure to warrant installing EV chargers within their own street lamps! But by refining your choices down to electric car wall chargers, it becomes much easier to consider which of these EV wall chargers meet your specific needs

wall box car charger
zappi car charger

The Benefits To EV Wall Chargers

  • An electric car wall charger can be easily hidden.  If you’re looking for a discrete charging solution for your electric vehicle, then EV wall chargers have you covered. For areas like schools or public parks – where bulky chargers come into a higher risk of being accidentally broken or vandalized – opting for the more sequestered electric car wall charger is likely to reduce the chance of damage. 
  • They’re also easier to hide for aesthetic purposes. Own an old cinema or restaurant and want to offer electric vehicle charging without ruining a classic look? Something like the Wallbox Pulsar Plus model can be easily hidden with your preferred removable cover when not in use.


EV wall chargers are out of the public’s way. With so many town and city layouts already revolving around cars, isn’t it nice when they take up less room? Whether you’re looking to have electric car wall chargers installed for a supermarket, or to place them along existing parking infrastructure, these chargers use up less space. This means a business looking to operate a fleet of commercial EVs can have more charging spots – and thus more vehicles – as opposed to allotting valuable room for the chargers themselves. Likewise, in an environment like a multi-story car park EV wall chargers can allow for twice the amount of electric vehicle charging; as long as they are allocated the wall spaces.

home battery storage
wall box car charger

The electric car wall charger: subtle at home, too!

A good EV charger should be an addition to your home – not take over it. If you own a garage and want to charge your car inside then EV wall chargers are the perfect fit. Providing there’s access to one of the walls, we’re happy to install it indoors. This means more room for your tools or other expensive items you might want to keep in the garage.

Not to mention EV chargers are designed to be waterproof, so we can install electric car wall chargers outside so that you can charge your vehicle in your driveway. Don’t want us meddling with the outer wall of your house? No problem; a brick wall or other sturdy, vertical surface will do the trick. (This does mean no wooden fences though, sorry!)