EV Chargers for Businesses

As workplace charging installers, System EV offers a wide selection of EV chargers for businesses. But for those who are newer to the world of electric car charging points for business, imagining the immediate benefits may be a little tricky.

EV chargers for your business

Ev chargers for businesses come with their own set of unique perks compared with charging an electric vehicle at home. We’ve already touched on how offering staff a place to charge their electric vehicles, while they work, can benefit your business; but did you know it can be a perk for customers too?

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EV chargers for businesses can attract and retain customers

Charging an electric vehicle from empty takes a long time. If a potential customer can avoid their EV battery running empty by charging their vehicle while they use your services, then that’s a positive experience they can take away from their experience.

For businesses like restaurants or shopping centres offering electric car charging points for business’ customers might encourage the customer to spend more time there. This means that they’re likely to spend more money as well.

Stopover spots on long drives VS repeat customers for local businesses

For the purpose of this example imagine your business is located somewhere like a retail park or service station in a rural area. If you offer EV chargers for your businesses’ customers then you’re cornering a market that benefits in addition to whatever service you’re offering.

If you’re one of five restaurants in the area, but only your restaurant is offering electric car charging points for business customers, then EV drivers are probably more likely to choose your establishment.

This is an added benefit if you ARE in one of these aforementioned rural locations, for example, that might be the midway point on a long drive. It might also encourage repeated visits from those who live locally and need to charge an eclectic vehicle.

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Benefitting from Google and Zap-Map

Another benefit of installing EV chargers for businesses is an element of free advertising to the EV driving clientele. When you install electric car charging points for your business you’re added to open source apps, like Zap-Map for example. In the same way that googling “bakeries” will bring up a map showing shops meeting this criteria, searching for “EV chargers” will now show local businesses offering electric car charging points for business customers.

Of course, not all EV drivers are guaranteed to use apps like this, but for those who do – it lists your business as a potential place to charge their car. This in turn offers EV drivers a chance to consider your services and means that they might have an easier time finding you again.