Ground Mounted Solar Panels

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System Renewables offer alternatives to traditional rooftop mounted solar panels. You might have considered free standing solar panels, but what about ground mounted?

We are a highly qualified team utilizing an expert supply chain, with over 20 years of experience in solar PV installations. We have the expertise to design, install, commission, and maintain solar PV systems, no matter your needs.

ground mounted solar panels
Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Pros + Cons
of Ground Mounted Solar Panels

We’ve previously examined the benefits of ground mounted solar panels when comparing them with rooftop panels. Ground mounted panel systems are generally larger in scale and thus more expensive. As such, it’s important to know if ground mounting is right for your needs.

Benefits of
Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground mounted solar panels provide an alternative for people who’re unable to use their roof space. This can be for several reasons such as;
– Improper roofing type (I.E: thatched),
– structures with other unsuitable roofs (buildings with skylights, radio towers on top, etc),
– Listed buildings refused planning permission,
– structures with a north-facing roof. Once your ground mounted solar panel system is in place it’s easier to upscale than rooftop mounting. This is especially beneficial if you find your energy needs changing over time. It’s also helpful if you want a larger solar farm but lacks the funding to build it all immediately.

Some ground mounted solar panel systems are moveable, either manually or automatically. This means you can adjust the pitch of the panels to receive the most possible sunlight, even during the winter months.

Most rooftops aren’t built to support heavy weights. This means automatic solar tracking systems are better suited to ground mounted solar panels. These systems cause the solar panels to follow the path of the sun and can increase energy output by upwards of 20%!

A larger area allows for a greater generation of solar power, rather than being restricted to roof size.

Ground mounted solar panels are easier to reach for cleaning and maintenance.

Ground mounted solar panels


Our experience is proven through our health & safety policy and technical accreditations; which include MCS, NICEIC, CHAS, and ISO9001.

Drawbacks of
Ground Mounted Solar Panels

  • To get the most from a ground mounted solar system you’re likely to need planning permission. This is due to permission being necessary for an area of solar panels larger than 9M².
  • Ground mounted solar panels that are low to the ground use up land that could be utilised in other ways.
  • Since it’s common for more cables to be laid, the upfront cost is often higher than roof mounted solar panels.
  • Relies on a general lack of shade from buildings, trees, and the surrounding landscape.
  • The lower position means an increase in the possibility of damage or theft occurring.

Commercial Solar PV Case Study - Mold Community Hospital

System Electrical Group was contracted and engaged as the principal contractor by Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board for the supply, installation and commissioning of an 81KW Roof mounted Solar PV array.


Mold Community Hospital

Contract Value


Contract Duration

3 Month

commercial solar panel installation
commercial solar panel installation

Scope Of Works

Customer Feedback Score

Works and activities well communicated 100%
Site left in a safe and tidv condition 100%
Responsiveness to any issues raised 100%
Working to agreed timescales 100%
Professionalism of those involved 100%
Courtesy of those involved 100%
Satisfaction with work done 100%
commercial solar panel installation
Ground mounted solar panels

When do I need planning permission?

As with any large works project, there are limitations to what you can build without getting permission. Guidelines change depending on where you live, but you’re likely to need permission if your proposed solar panel system exceeds the following;

  • If ground mounted solar panels are taller than four metres high.
  • If they are less than five metres from the edges of your land.
  • If the area of solar panels built is greater than nine metres by nine metres.
  • If your land is located in a conservation area, world heritage site, or area of outstanding natural beauty AND is visible from a road.
  • If you’ve previously built a ground mounted solar panel setup on your land.

You can receive planning permission by applying to your local council, or other local authority. With the push for the United Kingdom to become carbon neutral by 2050 you’re likely to be approved. However, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of getting permission.

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