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EV Charger Installation

System Electrical Group is an OZEV approved vendor with professional workplace charging installers. We have a plethora of experience necessary for EV charger installation in North Wales, be that for domestic homes, businesses, or local authorities.

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What Is The WCS Grant?

The OZEV has introduced the WCS grant to reduce upfront costs of buying and installing electric car charging points for businesses, charities and public sector organizations. For eligible organizations this means 75% of the total cost is covered on up to 40 charging points. For more information see the Gov page on WCS Grants or get in touch .

ORCS Grant

The ORCS Grant is more designed to benefit the wider community, especially in rural areas. It’s aimed at local authorities (i.e. the council) to help towards the cost of installing on-street EV chargers. The allowed funding and project sizes of the ORCS grant surpass the WCS grant.

This means that if you live in a rural community you can write to your local MP and suggest car charging installation in your local area of North Wales. For more information on the ORCS grant see the gov page here .



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North Wales EV Charging On the Rise

EV charging point installation in North Wales is on the rise. You may have already noticed some EV charging points in the car parks of large supermarkets and service stations.

With beautiful countryside and the local pride in clean air and water, this should be no surprise. More and more homeowners are turning to EV charger installers in North Wales, especially as the price of petrol skyrockets.

Not to mention the number of local businesses turning to electric fleets. From taxi and food delivery firms, to the North Wales-based company Zip World, we as a country seem in supportive of EVs!

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Where To Charge in North Wales

As more drivers switch to electric vehicles, the demand for EV charging points also rises. You’ll be hard pressed to find a petrol station without at least one EV charging point these days. This means EV charger installation in North Wales is on the rise.

Websites and apps like ZapMap allow you to view nearby charging points and plot your journey accordingly. But with the government pledging to have 300,000 public EV chargers installed by 2030 , this will bring the total number of EV charging points to eclipse the number of petrol stations by almost 5 times!

As such, being stuck for a place to charge your vehicle will soon be an element of the past; even in a rural location like North Wales.


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North Wales Workplace Charging Installation

Looking for electric car charging points for your workplace? As the world adapts to the climate crisis many aspects of our lives are changing with it.

If you’re a business owner in North Wales who relies on a driving force, or even possesses your own fleet of vehicles, then this prospect may be a daunting one. Thankfully, System Electrical Group is an OZEV approved vendor with professional workplace charging installers and experience fitting electric car charging points. Contact Our North Wales Team Today.

Why Switch To An Electric Vehicle?

With the United Nations issuing a climate emergency, many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and emissions output. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, especially now that governments looking to reach their Net Zero targets are improving access to electric vehicle charging points.

The Evidence

This is not a temporary phenomenon either! The Office for National Statistics has surveyed that more than half of young drivers plan to switch to electric vehicles in the next decade . With many more suggesting they would consider switching to an EV if there were better access to electric car charging points for businesses, or on the road.

However, with Zap Map’s electric car charging map  now live and more than 600,000 plug-in electric car models – if including plug-in hybrids (PHEVs)  – on UK roads, times are changing for the average motorist.

This is where System Electrical Group comes in! Take our experience in North Wales car charging installation, alongside contracts in Manchester and beyond: we’re ready to help you meet your green goals!

Don’t Be Left In The Dust!

Under current planning, a proposed ban on the sale of petrol cars comes into play in 2030, with hybrid cars looking to be phased out in 2035. This makes the switch to an electric vehicle more of an inevitably, but why switch now?

With the UK alone currently hosting four low emission zones (LEZs)  – and with plans for setting up six more across the country in coming years – it’s never too soon to consider alternatives to petrol and diesel engines. Especially, if you’re a business owner that relies on a fleet of vehicles such as; a taxi rank, porter, or food delivery service, etc.

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Benefits of an Electric Vehicle

Although an electric vehicle is generally more expensive to buy than a petrol vehicle, depending on the make and model, an EV may very well end up paying for itself over time. Some benefits to owning your own EV include:

  • Avoiding the charges associated with LEZs;
  • Saving thousands of pounds on the cost of fuel, over five years (depending on mileage);
  • Most zero emission EVs don’t have to pay vehicle road tax, saving around £180 a year;
  • The government is currently offering grants towards the cost of installing electric car charging points for businesses and the home.