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The UK and wider world around us is rapidly changing. As individuals and businesses alike adapt to climate change, many of our usual, comfortable aspects of life are changing too. But change – whilst sometimes uncomfortable – isn’t always a bad thing. Concerns about vehicle emissions are more common now than ever before. London recently implemented its second low emission zone in a bid to reduce air pollution, and many other major UK cities are following suit. As such, this begs the question: isn’t it time to consider alternatives to diesel and petrol engines?

If you’re a business owner who relies on a driving force, or even possesses your own vehicle fleet, then this prospect may be a daunting one. As a result, the upfront costs of electric car charging points for business suddenly seems a lot less severe.


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System Electrical Group Accept The WCS Grant

The majority of people are willing to do their part for the environment, even amongst those who haven’t been priced off the roads. After all, there’s been a reported 200% increase in cycling in the UK since lockdown, but we’re aware this isn’t an option for everyone. Business owners have to make difficult decisions sometimes, and for many companies forgoing vehicles is simply impossible.

An electric vehicle charging socket can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds – depending on the model and potential extra features. For a business to run this cost may require sacrifices long before the cars begin to pay for themselves; even without fuel costs.

Thankfully, in their bid to reduce the country’s carbon footprint the UK government has introduced a grant to cut the costs of electric car charging points for businesses. System Electrical Group can even process your grant application for you!

car chargers for business
car chargers for businesses

What Is The WCS Grant?

 The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) has introduced the WCS to help reduce the upfront cost of buying and installing electric car charging points for businesses.

This grant is conditional on meeting certain requirements listed on the Gov website here , but with 75% of the cost per socket covered there’s no better time to invest in electric car chargers for your business !

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How To Qualify For The EV Charging Grant?

Of course, not all workplace charging installers are able to accept grant vouchers. The electrician or company involved must be OLEV approved – like System Electrical Group, for example. If considering a WCS grant application it’s a good idea to read the above Gov page, but here are the key conditions to qualify for the grant;

  • The grant is capped at 75% of the cost of a socket up to £350,
  • It’s available on up to 40 electric car charging points for businesses,
  • you must have sufficient off-street parking to install EV charging points,
  • the workplace charging installers must be OLEV approved,
  • you must have electric vehicles as part of your fleet OR,
  • you must express genuine interest in purchasing electric car/s,
  • you may not claim retrospectively for EV chargers for business purposes that have already been installed.
  • you may only claim this grant once.*

Meaning you can only claim the WCS grant on your first batch of installations. As such, say you have 5 electric car charging ports installed using the WCS grant, if you wanted to install 5 more down the line you would not be able to use the WCS grant again.

EV Chargers for Businesses

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charging points for businesses

The Benefits Of EV Chargers For Business

If the environmental aspects of electric car charging points for business aren’t enough to get you excited, then worry not! There are plenty of other benefits to having EV charging ports installed on your site.

Not only are you facilitating your employees by allowing them to charge their electric vehicles on site, but for salaried employees, this may count as a “benefit in kind”. This means that you can claim back tax on the operation and charging costs of company cars – in turn reducing the overall running cost of the cars and your business. Since the gas and electric caps were only raised on April 1st 2022, the data on running costs of electric vehicles VS petrol or diesel powered vehicles is still pending. However last year you were able to save upwards of one thousand pounds a year per ten-thousand miles, through reduced fuel costs; depending on the number of vehicles in your commercial fleet.

Not to mention the exemption of charge from travelling to low (or no) emission zones in the UK. With two zones in London, and one each in the city centres of Glasgow, Bath and Birmingham, this is important for businesses with many vehicles; or vehicles that travel into these places often. Especially now that Manchester, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburg, Newcastle, and Sheffield are all planning on implementing low emission zones in the future.

In addition to these benefits, many businesses are being pressured by the general public to implement cleaner working practices. By converting to an electric fleet and installing electric car charging points for businesses you can continue to please consumers, whilst also taking pride in reducing C02 emissions!

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Let System Electrical Group’s workplace charging installers handle it…

At System Electrical Group we want to take the stress away from acquiring EV chargers for business. That’s why we ask you to fill in our online survey before our skilled workplace charging installers come to your location. This allows us to;

  • Be upfront about the cost of your EV chargers for business,
  • Avoid delays on the day and keep work timely so you can get back to your business,
  • Prep our workplace charging installers so they know what’s required of them.
electric car charging points for business

While System Electrical Group cannot approve an application for the WCS/OZEV grant, we will apply for it on your behalf. As long as you supply us with evidence that you meet the grant criteria, we will cover sending this to the government for you and keep you updated via email.

This allows you to get on with your job and let us handle the hassle of applications and installation!