Good to know How Battery Storage Works?...

Battery storage technology has increased rapidly with batteries becoming far more efficient and controllable, offering flexible options for energy storage.

Batteries are available in a range of sizes, both AC & DC coupled and can be fitted as part of a new solar installation, retro fitted to an existing solar system or as a battery only system, utilising over-night low-rate electricity to charge.

Latest technology can even fit a battery to an existing solar system without replacing the inverter.

The latest software and device App based systems offer flexible control of the battery charging/discharging and can be integrated with EV chargers and hot water diversion controllers.

Energy suppliers are starting to offer “Intelligent” tariffs that link with your solar & battery system and automatically adjust your charge and discharge periods based on the hours of daylight, the weather and your usage, the tariff can even charge your batteries overnight on low rate electricity. This really gets the most out of your system, maximising your savings and reducing your grid demand.

We believe this is the way most electricity tariffs will be in the future.

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Get to know The Benefits of Battery Storage...

Whether you are running a home, a business or a non profit organization: it can be hard to keep the various stresses in check.

One common, recurring stressor is utility bills, from a small home to a large commercial building, energy bills can increase rapidly.

So why not turn a stressful element of running a home or a business into something that can benefit the home owner, business owner and the environment through battery storage.

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Good to know Battery Storage: Economic Benefits...

With energy prices in the UK becoming increasingly volatile, there’s no better time to invest in battery storage in the UK. Battery storage allows you to save money by storing excess energy generated during the day or buying energy when tariffs are low and then using the energy during peak times.

Not to mention installing renewable battery storage – for residential and commercial buildings that have solar panels on the roof, for example – allows you to store your own converted energy, this can even become a financial gain over time as you can sell excess stored energy back to the grid.

Reducing your reliance on the National Grid has many benefits. Fluctuating fuel costs can be damaging to households and businesses alike, and prices seem unlikely to stop fluctuating anytime soon since fossil fuels are dwindling. Having renewable energy battery storage for your home or commercial building, can also provide a backup in case of a power outage.

So even though the upfront cost can be high, being able to convert energy through battery storage could be increasingly beneficial in the long run. After all, not being at the whims of rising energy prices can help you predict and plan your household or business’s finances more effectively.

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Good to know Environmental Benefits of Battery Storage...

System Electrical can install renewable energy battery storage for both residential and commercial buildings, that link with PV solar panels or can be linked in the future. These batteries can also be used to store the power generated from other renewable energy sources, such as; wind power, hydroelectric power, tidal energy, and biomass energy.

Most battery storage systems are also emission-free even whilst operational. This helps your business meet the emissions and climate change targets set out by the UK government. In turn, this allows you to claim capital allowance on battery storage for commercial buildings, in the financial year that you purchase the renewable energy battery storage.

In addition, public opinion rightly favours ‘green’ businesses as the effects of climate change become more apparent. By investing in commercial battery storage in the UK, you not only maintain the reputation of your business but may even bring in climate-conscious clientele.

Not to mention the satisfaction that you earn taking steps towards helping the health of our planet!