Do you qualify for an OZEV Grant?

The Government will contribute up to £350 towards the purchase and installation of your smart electric car charger. But there are certain requirements you must meet in order to qualify – here is what you need to know before claiming the OZEV Grant.

What is the OZEV Grant?

The Government offers up to £350 towards your home EV charger installation. This grant is called the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) although it is commonly known as the OZEV Grant as it is administered by the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV for short).

Can I get the OZEV Grant?

There are a number of criteria you must meet in order to be eligible for the EVHS/OZEV Grant. You can learn more right here, but the key ones are:

What do I need to Qualify?

  • You must have purchased, or have on order, an eligible vehicle that is listed on the OZEV vehicle list. Check if your vehicle is listed here.

  • You must also meet the vehicle ownership requirements, which we highly recommend checking requirements here

  • You must have designated, off-street parking where a charging cable will not cross a pedestrian pavement. You can see full parking requirements below or here.

  • The charger must be OZEV-approved. All our charge points are eligible for the grant (except for the Tesla Wall Connector), but you can check the full list of OZEV-eligible chargers here.

  • You need to use an OZEV-approved installer such as Smart Home Charge (trading under Response EPR).

  • You are not eligible if you have previously claimed the grant (even under the old Domestic Recharge Scheme) unless you own 2 eligible vehicles at the same time, in which case you can claim the grant for a second charge point. 

How do I apply for the grant?

This is where we can help you. You cannot apply for the EVHS/OZEV Grant yourself – an approved installer must do it on your behalf.

It’s important you meet the above requirements because the OZEV application team will ask you to submit evidence to prove your eligibility.

After you’ve accepted your installation quote and paid, we will start the grant application on your behalf. We keep you updated throughout the process with emails as you progress towards installation.

Once we have gathered all the relevant details, we submit this to the Government – We do not approve your application or claim. We simply assist with your application, check the details and evidence required to claim the grant are correct before submitting it to the Government on your behalf.

The first step is to complete our onsite survey. This confirms your property is suitable for an installation before going any further.