The first installation of a Powervault Energy storage system is scheduled in for later this month.

After meeting the Powervault team at the Solar Show at the Birmingham NEC last year, it was evident that there exciting range of energy storage products that come with a whole host of technologically advanced features, built in the UK and with outstanding customer and aftersales services, could offer the perfect energy saving solution for many of our clients.

The battery systems are modular, making installation easier and future upgrade possibilities.

The Powervault which partners perfectly with new or existing Solar Photovoltaic systems can also be installed as a battery only system

The Powervault, allows your system to benefit from smartSTOR™ an advanced and flexible control system which analyses weather, tariff and usage predictions to make the best decisions for your capacity usage every day, reducing your energy bills with no hassle and no compromises.

Powervault’s battery system is smart enough to proactively prioritise its storage and make the right decision, every day. Using smartSTOR™ technology, Powervault blends off-peak grid charging and solar storage in perfect harmony.

  • Local weather forecasts
  • Seasonal changes
  • Your usage and generation patterns
  • Your live tariff